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Hi, I'm Austin.


Let's Journey.


I went from a guilt, fear, and shame filled life to experiencing consistent serenity and freedom. 

And so can you! 

Eight years ago, my life came crashing down when I left my dream career as a Christian missionary in the Middle East. 

I felt like a disappointment and a failure, with no purpose or identity. 

When I look back now, I can see that what I did + what people thought of me = who I was. 

To change, it took a process led by God, with the help of some exceptional guides. 

In time, I learned the story of my heart, and came to deeply believe that I am loved for who I am inside. 

This truth released me to become a peace-filled, secure, others-centered husband, father, and guide to others.

Do you want to learn your heart's story and become the person you've imagined?


Let Me Show You the Way.


Let's Talk.