Why the Heart Matters

I grew up in a family where ‘do your best‘ was the implicit motto.

Full of dreams and ambition as a young boy, I embraced this high performance culture, and threw myself into academic achievement. For all my successes as a grade-school student, I felt empty inside.

Do your best worked great for motivating my behavior, but lacking a family culture that nurtured the heart, I never felt that I was enough. My ability to create value on the outside never translated to me feeling valued on the inside.

It took a decades long journey to discover that my heart mattered just as much…no, more so…than the things I achieved, or the way people perceived me.

The heart is our most valuable treasure.

It is a vast, inner world of our dreams, passions, deep emotions, core beliefs, wounds, capacity to love; in essence, our identity.

Our Creator carefully crafted each of our hearts…filling them with potential, personality, passion.

We were made to accomplish the most simple yet magnificent thing through our hearts: receive and express love.

My youngest daughter Sarah is 15 months old, and though she can barely walk or talk, her heart radiates. She expresses joy, laughter, playfulness, frustration, all in a beautiful array of uninhibited life.

Sarah has no works or accomplishments to show for herself, yet the fact that she can give and receive love is enough.

Isn’t this the meaning of life, to give and receive love?

Yes, we are meant to grow up. Yes, there are things we must achieve…and jobs and ‘doings‘ that must happen if we are to survive. Yet, we tend to gravitate our focus more to the external, than to the internal.

Imagine with me: a world where we valued our hearts most!

A world where validation overruled ‘fixing,‘ where caring words outnumbered critical statements, where people were evaluated for the journey and pain they had been through, not the output they had produced.

The heart is a mysterious, abstract place…yet it deserves our attention.

When we are ready, a journey to understand and heal the heart will be the greatest thing we ever do.

Austin McRobbieComment