We're Different From Counseling.

Consider our process deep emotional work in search of love, wholeness, and true identity.

So often, we can live disconnected from our true selves.  It's like we live in the Matrix, doing and acting, but something is missing.

What's missing is a tangible experience of love at our core.  Deep down we long for it.  But is seems so far away, or impossible to find.

We feel this longing most when in difficult circumstances, or when the worst sides of us and others emerge.  But the hardest times are in many ways a grace, as they open the door to healing.

Our approach is nothing more than helping you (and your partner) experience and share love that is rich and lasting.


The Answer is Safe, Emotional Connection.

Many of us grew up with family that provided for us as best they could physically and emotionally.

But sometimes, through their reactions, indifference, or neglect, they left hurtful marks on our hearts.  Marks that often affected our capacity to give and respond to love.

Take a moment to visualize your own heart.  Can you see a picture of it?


Some people see their hearts like this:


Behind Every Behavioral, Spiritual,
and Relational Issue are Emotional Wounds.

Our focus is to accept, understand, and care for the core pain causing your issues.  We don't pressure or judge; we move at the speed and depth that you feel comfortable with.

Relief to your current battles means unearthing the pain beyond it all.  Some call it their 'pit of despair.'  We climb in that pit with you, and bring the love that forms a garden of beauty out of brokenness.


We Care From the Heart.

Unlike other approaches that concentrate on managing behavior and speaking from the intellect, we connect to care from our hearts.  You are not a client, you are a friend that deserves to be genuinely loved and understood.


God Cares for the Heart.

Many have been damaged by spiritual instruction or religious judgement, with no understanding or emotional love.

Through these experiences, some now believe God's heart is all about perfection and judgement, instead of tenderness and compassion.

We hope to, as you are comfortable, connect you in prayer to a God who is transformative, gentle, and all about your freedom, from the inside out.

God is like a gushing river; he longs to run through all of us, erasing our deserts and overflowing our hearts.


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