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Imagine a journey of becoming fully alive.



Let's walk together.


In tough circumstances, frustrating relationships, and inner struggles, it can feel impossible to find clarity and purpose. 

Let alone relief or peace. 

My Journey  

I remember a season of my life where I felt alone, lost and numb. 

There was so much turmoil inside that I even went to the hospital for a panic attack! 

I had a counselor that I talked with on the phone weekly, but I knew that in order to get freedom, I needed something deeper. 

That's when I met Joseph, a guide who showed me that transformative love in the answer, not more focus on guilt, fear, and shame. 

Through my time with Joseph, I discovered healing for the wounds of my heart, and a God who is a gentle healer, instead of the perfectionist, performance demanding God I thought I knew. 

In a few month, I not only became a more present and peace-filled person, but I unearthed a personal identity apart from fear and performance.

I want to take you on a journey unique to you that heals and restores your beliefs, identity, and motivations.

"My visit with Risingpath was life changing. I had an area of my life I had been struggling with for more than two decades. 

After one visit with Austin, I was able to view my circumstances differently and brought healing to this area. 

Don't wait make your appointment now. Life is too short."

- S.


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