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Connect to your heart - inner healing work that transforms.


Inner Healing Coaching for Couples, Parents, and Individuals


No matter the issue - relational, spiritual, or emotional - there are roots to your problem.

Roots of old wounds, lack of love, and locked-up potential. 


Some coaches and counselors focus on trimming the branches, with behavior and habit changing strategies, but miss the underlying causes. 

You need someone different, a guide who knows the ways of lasting transformation.


Hi, I'm Austin McRobbie, your inner healing coach.


I help couples and individuals connect to deeper places of vulnerability and healing - within their relationships and self-identity.

I've walked the paths of the heart for over a decade, learning the trails that transform. 

Along the way, I interned with Spirit-filled counselors and experienced continual breakthrough in my own life and marriage.

Through it all, I discovered deeper, hidden keys to whole-hearted living.

I've used these keys to help people:

Heal their marriage

 Connect to their kids

Unlock their hearts

Become truly alive


What People Are Saying.

"My visit with Risingpath was life changing. I had an area of my life I had been struggling with for more than two decades. 

After one visit with Austin, I was able to view my circumstances differently and brought healing to this area. 

Don't wait make your appointment now. Life is too short."

- S.

“Through Risingpath, my husband and I found new ways to communicate our needs and strengthen our bond. 

I'm grateful for people like Austin, who can hold up a mirror and help us see what we ourselves can not.”

-Cassandra M.

"Austin leads people on a journey where their emotions are healed by Jesus.  

I would highly recommend Austin for your counseling referral needs!"

- Adam Babcock, Lead Pastor at Hope Vineyard Church


Are you Ready to Begin? 


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