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Imagine feeling connected and understood in your marriage.


I'll help you make it happen.


A stuck, broken relationship doesn't have to be your reality - but to get free, you need solutions that go beyond the surface level communication tools and talk therapy. 

A marriage at its core is two hearts interacting. 

If one or both of these hearts are reacting out of old wounds, connection and understanding will be a struggle. 

My Story

When I married my wife Kindra, we had done pre-marital counseling, workbooks, and and years of intentional conversations to make our marriage right. 

But what we didn't fully understand was the baggage inside, created by our growing up experiences. 

Despite our best efforts to love each other, our well established walls and wounds got in the way. 

Fortunately, with God's help, we found a guide for the journey. 

Through a healing process, I went from checked out and focusing on myself to truly valuing and caring for Kindra. 

And she learned to give me the genuine affirmation I had always wanted. 

We went from being stuck in arguments to 'stuck' in the experience of honeymoon: heart-connected and thriving. 

Now I am grateful and blessed to guide marriages on the same healing journey.

“After talking with Austin, I knew he had a God given gift at understanding matters of the heart.

He is a wonderful coach who really listens and is the kind of person that makes you feel accepted and at ease.

He has helped guide my husband and I through some difficult emotional feelings to a place of more understanding….I highly recommend you meet with Austin McRobbie!”

- R. White

Would you like to be 'stuck' on a honeymoon? 

Do you want to understand your spouse's heart, and have your heart cared for?


Let Me Show You How.


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