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It Takes a Journey to Heal the Heart.


Hi, I’m Austin McRobbie.

Feeling stuck and hurt sucks - I get it.

That’s why, over the last two years, I’ve helped hundreds of couples and individuals find healing and wholeness.

Different from traditional counseling, I use the Caring for the Heart Program Model to find and overcome the core problems in marriages and personal issues.

Here’s some reasons why I’m your trusted guide for the healing process:

  • I have personal experience: Your struggle matters to me - I can relate through the healing of my own heart and marriage

  • I’m professionally training: You’re in good hands - I’ve trained and interned with renowned pastoral counselor John Regier (Caring for the Heart) using the Caring for the Heart Program Model, so I’m prepared to handle marital conflict and disconnect, abuse and relationship trauma backgrounds, overcoming loss, and many personal challenges

  • My approach is Biblically rooted: Don’t worry about being shamed or criticized - I help resolve issues using the compassionate approaches Jesus modeled - understanding, genuine care, and calling out the worthiness in each individual


Fixing Your Behavior Doesn’t Change Your Heart.


To-do lists and self-help won’t solve the pain inside.

Or save your marriage.

You need to go deeper.


Meet Austin & Learn About Risingpath (2 minutes)

 What People are Saying


Marriage Video Testimony
(3 minutes)

Personal Video Testimony
(3 minutes)


"I had an area of my life I had been struggling with for more than two decades. With Austin, I was able to view my circumstances differently and find healing in this area. Don't wait make your appointment now. Life is too short."
- S.

Working with Austin was a revelation for me. I found out, at a deeper level, what is going on in my heart. It helped me strengthen my faith, marriage, and my relationship to my parents.
-Dan Jeffery, Staff Leader at Harvest Community Church, Hillsboro, OR

"Austin leads people on a journey where their emotions are healed by Jesus.  I would highly recommend Austin!"
- Adam Babcock, Lead Pastor at Hope Vineyard Church, Hillsboro, OR

Who It’s For


Laying a Solid Foundation


Better Connection & Intimacy


Marital Crisis
Severe Disconnect


Loss, emotional pain


How It Works 

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1. Schedule a consultation

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2. Work a 4-6 month process

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3. Live life free and connected



Life is Too Short for Behavior Fixes That Don’t Work


Heart Space Workshop - Move from Stuck to Thriving

Monday, October 28th

7-9 PM - Hillsboro


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