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Connect Your Heart. Live Free!


Hi, I’m Austin McRobbie.

Feeling stuck and hurt sucks - I get it.

That’s why I’ve helped dozens of Portland church-goers - and ministry leaders - conquer the mountains in their lives.

  • Personal Experience: Your struggle matters to me - I can relate through my own healing journey

  • Training: Your heart is in good hands - I’ve interned with renowned pastoral counselor John Regier (Caring for the Heart)

  • Approach: Don’t worry about being shamed or criticized - I heal issues using care and acceptance


Austin’s Story - 2 Minute Video


Fixing Behavior Doesn’t Change Your Heart.


To-do lists and self-help won’t solve the pain inside.

Or save your marriage.

You need to go deeper.

 What People are Saying

"I had an area of my life I had been struggling with for more than two decades. With Austin, I was able to view my circumstances differently and find healing in this area. Don't wait make your appointment now. Life is too short."
- S.

Working with Austin was a revelation for me. I found out, at a deeper level, what is going on in my heart. It helped me strengthen my faith, marriage, and my relationship to my parents.
-Dan Jeffery, Staff Leader at Harvest Community Church, Hillsboro, OR

"Austin leads people on a journey where their emotions are healed by Jesus.  I would highly recommend Austin!"
- Adam Babcock, Lead Pastor at Hope Vineyard Church, Hillsboro, OR


Who It’s For




Laying a Solid Foundation


Better Connection & Intimacy


Marital Crisis
Severe Disconnect




I get to the root of:

  • Anger Issues

  • Compulsive Habits

  • Disconnect with God

  • Pain inside (negative feelings - scared, lost, overwhelmed, etc.)

  • Lack of purpose or identity

  • Disconnect from feelings

  • Issues in family/friend relationship


How It Works 

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1. Schedule a consultation

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2. Work a 12 session process

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3. Live life free and connected


Life is Too Short for Behavior Fixes That Don’t Work


2-Minute ‘What is Risingpath?‘ Video


Heart Space Workshop - Move from Stuck to Thriving

Monday, August 26th

7-9 PM - Hillsboro


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