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Imagine having a roadmap to grow your child into a mature, caring adult.


I can help.


You want a beautiful, fulfilling life for your kids, but you're not sure how to make it happen. 

Sure, you know some things, but shaping a child's heart from the inside out seems like a mystery. 

The solution starts with understanding your own heart, and how it relates to your child's heart. 

Deep down inside, every kid desires parents who lead them in loving relationship, on a path to adulthood. 


My daughters Sarah and Lily.

As a parent of two daughters, I daily connect with my girls' hearts as a starting point to maturity, growth, love and discipline. 

It isn't always easy or picture-perfect, but the key lies in simple heart connection.  

Would you like to overcome your barriers to connecting with your kids? 

Do you need a roadmap to get there?


Let Me Show You How.


Let's Talk.