High Praise for Risingpath


"I had an area of my life I had been struggling with for more than two decades.”

With Austin, I was able to view my circumstances differently and find healing in this area. Don't wait make your appointment now. Life is too short."
- S.

"Austin leads people on a journey where their emotions are healed by Jesus.”

“I would highly recommend Austin!"
- Adam Babcock, Pastor

“I have been empowered to live a life that is in tune with what my heart needs.”

“If you are needing some deep healing in life I recommend going on a journey with Austin McRobbie. When I met him I had just gone through divorce of a six year relationship that was emotionally abusive. I was in a lot of pain with no sense of what wholeness truly looked like.

“In our time together, pieces of my childhood were uncovered in a light I had never seen before. I began to see the full impact of the abuse of my father growing up, and how as a child I never was given my father's heart. How in reaction to abuse I've spent my entire life with my own heart behind a concrete wall afraid to let it out of fear of being crushed. In result, I have not been able to experience what it's like to give my own heart fully to someone else.

“With Austin's coaching, I went through a process of learning to let my heart out. To be able to begin letting my heart out to God and others. I have been empowered to live a life that is in tune with what my heart needs versus living out of performance to God.

“There were many powerful encounters with God in this process. Healing over my relationship to my Mom, and the ways she was silent during the abuse of my Father. God showed me ways he's been there when I had no one else to talk to. And I've been liberated from taking on burdens of doing stuff for God that he's not obligating me to. In sum, this has impacted my entire life moving forward!”

“He seemed to know my heart and cut though the barriers I had placed to protect my wounded heart.”

“I met Austin at a guest speaker at a Intensive Counselor Training weekend at a local church who offers counseling to the community.

I was intrigued with his insight and his connection to pieces of other healing work that I had experienced, only very different in the focus of healing the heart.

As a middle aged woman who has spent a lifetime seeking healing from lots of childhood and adult trauma, I have participated in recovery from a 12 step perspective for decades, have been many faiths, did Shamanic healing, and spent last summer in a group walking where Jesus walked in his journey in Israel.

What captured my attention with Austin was his Christian base, how he understood trauma and the direct impact on our hearts. He has a passion after his own healing to help others in such a tender and powerful way.

I wanted to know more!

I have attended a couple of his workshops and did one-on-one counseling with Austin.

My experience was that each session, something was revealed to me that I never quite understood with such clarity before. He seemed to know my heart and cut though the barriers I had placed to protect my wounded heart.

Some of the awareness was clarity of my part in the dysfunction, which I did not see before. Some of the awareness was a validation and pure kindness that walked me out of the emotional desert that I was stuck in.

Each session cleared out more deception and old patterns that I inherited as a survival pattern that no longer were needed or effective in my life today.

Austin's insight (truly the holy spirit, in my opinion) was life changing!

I absolutely felt more freedom emotionally, and a joy that I had not ever experienced before.

Folks that have known me for years have commented on my transformation. I used to complain a lot more, felt more discouraged and life felt heavy emotionally when I first started working with Austin. My friends are welcoming the approved version of myself! The connection with them has been so much more fun.

He truly is a gifted healer. I believe God has gifted him to help others find their long lost hearts.

It may sound strange but even my work in sales has really picked up! Who knew?

It has been an exciting journey to feel more alive and more aware of God's presence.

I highly recommend Austin for couples, singles and people of any age who are seeking answers on how to open our hearts and live more joyfully!”