It's Time to Start Your Healing Journey.


Are you ready to begin a beautiful, new season of your life?

Where you feel safe, joyful, and alive?

Where relationships make sense?

Come explore your heart with us.


It can be hard to find solace from negative feelings or circumstances.  

Perhaps you feel stuck, lost, or numb.  Maybe your close relationships are in crisis. 

Whatever the issue, emotional, spiritual, or relational, we connect to care for your heart.


Our Approach Transforms.


We Care

we release

We Restore

We listen to, understand, and care for your life story.

We tenderly unearth your hurts and start a healing process.

We allow space for your created identity to rise up.

I can honestly say that Austin is one of the most genuinely caring, gentle and safest people I have ever met. He has a way of drawing people out that is a real gift; he just creates a safe place and invites you to come and be known.


austin mcrobbie