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Heal Your Heart.

LIve free.


Do you struggle with....

There is hope for change.


Rise is a process of healing emotional damage
- the source of our struggles.

In just 5 to 7 intensive, 3-hour sessions, we help you
reset your heart for love and freedom. 

With us, you can...

about austin


Austin started Rise with the vision of giving couples and individuals a chance to truly resolve their issues. 

Frustrated with traditional counseling, Austin and his wife Kindra found transformation through a healing model created by Caring for the Heart.  

Austin has trained extensively with Caring for the Heart, and is committed to following high ethical and confidentiality standards in helping others.



I can honestly say that Austin is one of the most genuinely caring, gentle and safest people I have ever met.

He has a way of drawing people out that is a real gift; he just creates a safe place and invites you to come and be known.

How rise works

Every struggle has a root issue and a unique solution. 

For instance, take "Peter" and "Lindsey."  They had been married for 10 years, and most times they acted impatient and angry towards each other (the struggle)

Lindsey grew up with an alcoholic dad who died when she was young, leaving her feeling neglected and not valued (Lindsey's root issue)

Peter's parents were critical and demanding, and Peter never felted affirmed or loved (Peter's root issue)

Most times in their marriage, they just stepped on each other's pain without realizing it.

As soon as Lindsey learned to affirm Peter, and Peter learned to value Lindsey (the solution), their struggle resolved naturally, and they fell in love all over again.

Rise is for individuals, too. 

Take "Dave." 

Dave felt stressed and out of touch in relationships (Dave's struggle).

When Dave was 5 years old, his parents divorced.  His mother became depressed, and she would drain Dave by always complaining about her problems. 

Dave would have to tune out and disconnect to not feel overwhelmed. (Dave's root issue).

When Dave learned to reconnect and heal his heart (Dave's solution), his life became peaceful and relationships became easier.


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