Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 9-4pm - Colossae Church, Hillsboro


Heal Your Heart and Relationships

An Interactive Workshop - 10 Spots Available

Change your life in a safe place of connection, vulnerability, and freedom.

What People Are Saying About This Workshop:

The one day workshop, Breakthrough, was a revelation to me. I found out, at a deeper level, what is going on in my heart. It helped me strengthen my faith, marriage, and my relationship to my parents.
-Dan Jeffery


This workshop was transformative. With Austin's leadership, we all connected to each other's hearts and our own hearts in the practical activities, as well as in conversation. Austin's facilitation and teaching created a safe and vibrant atmosphere for heart change.
-Elizabeth P.


What a workshop! To be on the healing journey & be able to have some guidance & help, while connecting with others in the same process - it's a beautiful matter. Everybody needs some love, come & get it!