LOVEspace Workshop: Get Your Tank Filled

Monday, August 6th, 7-8:30pm
Hope Vineyard Church, Hillsboro
Free, Childcare Provided


Focus on what really matters:

Love.  Connection. Relationship.

A sense of freedom.  Purpose.  Life.

If we are honest, so much of our time is consumed by the urgent, the task, the speediness of life.

We need to take time and space to focus on the most important things, so we can be:

Grateful, instead of dissatisfied.

Wise, instead of foolish.

Brave, instead of anxious.

Loved, instead of lonely.

LOVEspace Workshop is a 1.5 hour time where you can get the space

to understand your heart and your emotional needs (based on teachings of Jesus).

Risingpath founder and inner transformation guide Austin McRobbie will lead this small group (expect 5-20 people) workshop through a series of self-reflection questions about your life's emotional journey.

In a safe place:

>Reflect on what really matters, so you can have clarity.

>Understand your heart's damage, so you can live freely.

>Discover your core needs, so you can live fully.



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